Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pumpkin Curry with Channa Dal

In truth I didn't make a complicated beef wellington after slicing my thumb, I actually made a fairly simple pumpkin and lentil curry, but that's not really that impressive is it? My last post was just full of lies, damned lies. I'm not really hard and thumbs are in fact quite useful, especially when playing Xbox or Playstation games. You only have to look at our animal friends to see the proof. In general, cats are rubbish at Sega Rally whereas Bornean Orangutans are pretty good. They have four thumbs, you see. Cats tend to get their own back at MC Groovz Dance Groovz, as they can breakdance and backflip and always end up with four feet back on the dance mat. No handheld joypad is required.

So as I was saying, editors have power and can manipulate your mind.

I'm not really much of a pumpkin fan. Never really experimented with them that much, either in the warding off of evil spirits or the warding off of hunger. Incidentally, if you are buying a pumpkin to ward off evil spirits, make sure it's organic. The extra nutritional goodness makes it particularly effective at scaring away the most vicious of spirits. Unfortunately it won't work on those boys from the local estate who are intent on egging and toilet papering your house. For them I recommend filling the pumpkin with petrol and using an onager to catapult it from a first floor bedroom window onto their hoodied little heads.

I do love a pumpkin risotto, with the flesh roasted, pureed and stirred through the rice at the end of cooking, but beyond that my repertoire is small. Pumpkin pie doesn't really fill me with much excitement so I thought I'd try a vegetarian curry with split yellow peas or Channa Dal. It was ok. As a meat lover, it wasn't really my kind of curry, but it was fantastically economical, and provided about 6 portions for £2.00 which can't be sniffed at when the purse strings are tight.


Steven said...

Hey there, need to find those smoked cherry tomatoes, they sound heavenly - who sells them. Also I already have thing for those tinned smoked oysters which are great to snack on with water biscuits (A habit I picked up from my mate noel). Those Korean oysters sound delicious. I'm in Somerset all week, but next week if you're around it's my turn to treat you to lunch. Still worried about your thumb - is it healing ok?

Tom said...

Hi Pete, Hannah mentioned you were smearing yourself all over the www, so I thought I'd take a look and see how the other half lives. Impressive stuff I must say - do you need a slight young man to wash your pots? We must make a point of getting together again at some point to sample the finer things in life. Give my love to Emilie and take care of those digits...