Monday, 7 January 2008

First Day At Leiths

For the next six months I'll be making my way across (the whole of) London to get to Leiths which has just relocated to Chiswick. It couldn't really be much further from South-East London but hopefully the daily three hour commute will be worth it.

On arrival at the school this morning we were issued with our chef's whites and all associated bits of uniform including a very fetching skull cap and neckerchief combo which I'm sure are all the rage in Milan right now. For the feet we have "kitchen trainers" although if you were to attempt the 100 metres in them, it would probably take you about half an hour. Take the thought of Nike Air Max out of your head and think standard issue orthopedic correction shoes. Cool.

The morning was spent in orientation, learning more about the course we were about to undertake and the way it will be assessed. Following its move from Kensington, the school has been fitted with brand new equipment and everything is gleaming and pristine, ready to be trashed by my wayward cooking.

This afternoon we dressed in our full kit and got to wield our knives for the first time. We did some simple knife skills revision and prepped a rack of lamb for cooking tomorrow. It was fun and as an added bonus, I managed not to chop any part of my body off. That was my main aim of the day accomplished then.

I think I will sleep well tonight!

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Trig said...

Oh, that's bringing back memories of my journeys across London from home in the North East to college in Victoria every day - over 2 hours in total. Good luck with the course. Can't wait to read more.