Thursday, 20 September 2007

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Ok so my discipline at writing this blog hasn't been great so far. D for effort. Must try harder. It's just the weather's been so good and...., ok no more excuses.

Chatted to Steven Wallis on the phone yesterday and it reinspired me to keep track of everything I'm doing, so I'll try and recap the last ten days or so.

Dishes cooked:-

  • Veal scaloppine with borlotti beans and pancetta
  • Braised duck with red curry
  • Green papaya salad
  • Red onion quiche (turned into red onion frittata after a pastry nightmare!)
  • Orecchietti with aged pecorino, pancetta and peas
  • Pan-fried skate wings with black butter
  • Ruff Puff with vine tomatoes and goats cheese (another pastry disaster!)
  • Pici with basil
  • Chicken with coriander pesto
  • Salmon poached in sake with noodles and citrus vinaigrette
  • Linguine with shredded rocket, lemon, and chilli oil
  • Roasted red pepper soup with yoghurt and mint
  • Shepherds pie (inspired by Hells Kitchen!)
  • Globe artichokes simmered in olive oil with gremolata
At the moment I'm cooking loads of recipes from my favorite restaurant in the world, Seans Panaroma in Sydney. I love Sean Moran's typically aussie style of cooking - laid back and full of sunshine, the ultimate flavour of Bondi Beach. His book, Let it Simmer, is a wonderful collection of dishes served in his simply decorated beach shack on North Bondi, where the menu hangs on little blackboards around the room and diners gaze upon the surfers at sunset while tucking into the best of modern australian cooking. Take me back there now!

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