Thursday, 27 September 2007

It's getting cold

Being at home is all well and good when the sun is shining and warm air is breezing through the house. When the leaves start to fall and the temperature drops, it's a sign to get out and find a job because quite frankly, on my budget heating a large Victorian house throughout the day is not really an option. Yesterday I responded to ad on Gumtree for a trainee chef to work locally, although it didn't specify the establishment. I called and it turned out to be a local Gastropub, about 15 minutes walk from home so I registered my interest and 15 minutes later was being interviewed by the Chef in the pub itself. He's looking for someone "wet behind the ears" (I'm positively soaking), who is passionate about food, has high standards, and wants to learn. I seemed to tick the right boxes so he invited me in for a 3 hour trial on Saturday lunchtime when they have a function for 34 people to cater for. It will be my first experience of a working kitchen in service and I'm really quite excited about the prospect.

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Christoph said...

Hi Pete,
Your blog is really cool
Makes me hungry everytime!

So, how did the service go?

Take care