Saturday, 23 February 2008

Black Pudding Brunch

When the head is pounding, when the mouth is dry, when hazy memories of the previous night's excesses dribble back into semi-consciousness, there is nothing that sates an alcohol-induced appetite better than congealed pig's blood. Life comes back into focus after a couple of slices, crispy on the outside but moist in the middle, propped up by thick wedges of crusty white bread and caramelised apples. A rich yellow river of egg yolk slowly oozes down and over the jagged edges of the blood sausage like molten lava creeping over mountain rocks. Its path is anything but destructive.

It revives.

Hello weekend, I'm so glad your here.


Helen said...

I couldn't agree with you more Pete. Eggs and black pudding - best hangover cure ever. I think I remember that you are near to me? Have you tried the black pudding from William Rose? It's really good. reeaaallly good.

Pete said...

I don't think I have had William Rose's black pudding but I would happily sample some on my next visit. I've actually switched my butchery allegiance from William Rose to Kim Libretto on Woodvale at the top of Forest Hill Road. He's a bit closer to my Honor Oak gaff and he's such a top bloke that I learn something new every time I go in there.

Helen said...

It's funny you should say that as I have just changed butcher too. William Rose gets so busy that you don't have time to ask anything at all. I go to the butcher 'van' on North Cross Road in East Dulwich and although the selection is a lot smaller they are really good. They get mutton too which is a treat.

thomascook said...

Just about to make the same life change as you. From a film composer to a chef. Working in a kitchen for three days will hopefully provide a bit of adrenaline and lunch at The Fat Duck last week has certainly given me something to aim for.

Have a look at Grant Achatz "Alinea" website. He truly looks like the next genius.