Monday, 25 February 2008

Aldo Zilli, you rock!

Congratulations to London chef Aldo Zilli for banning bottled water from his restaurants. As many of you will have seen, I wrote a post on bottled water craziness last year and I'm really happy to see that it (the topic, not my post!) has become a subject of debate in the national media over the past few weeks. I hope that Aldo Zilli is not the only chef to put the environment before profits, and that we will see other restaurants following suit very soon. Apparently the fact that it takes seven litres of water to make the plastic container for a single bottle of water was what swayed it for Signor Zilli.


Sarah-82 said...

What a hero!

Anonymous said...

what a douche bag

Anonymous said...

Most decent restaurants serve their bottled water in glass bottles...

I therefore don't see how the environmental effects of producing a plastic bottle has any relevance to this article.

Im certain that Senor Zilli has never served water out of a plastic bottle in any of his restaurants.

Poor journalism.

Pete said...

Yes, well noticed. Most decent restaurants do serve their bottled water in glass bottles. That doesn't mean that a related fact about the bottled water industry can't provoke a man to take the decision not to stock bottled water in his restaurants.

I don't really think his thought process went like this:

"Hey Aldo, did you know it takes seven litres of water to make the plastic container for one bottle of water?"

"Couldn't give a toss mate, I serve my water in glass bottles."

Thanks for your comment though.