Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Man Flu

I didn't manage to make it in to class today due to a bout of man flu. I've managed to sort out some paperwork at least and thought I'd post all the dishes we've tackled so far this term.

Quiche Lorraine
Lamb cutlets with herbs
Carbonnade de Boeuf
Chicken Saute Normande
Chickpea Flatbreads
Baba Ganoush
Kefta Maticha
Roasted green peppers in harissa and preserved lemon dressing
Risotto alla Milanese
Chocolate and Orange Cake
Crespelle a la Fiorentina
Chicken Kiev
Eggs Benedict
Flaky Pastry
Creme Caramel
Cullen skink
Eccles cakes
Trout en papillote
White bread rolls
Hot water crust pastry
Raised veal and ham pie
Pecan pies
Monkfish with herby hollandaise
Twice baked goats cheese souffles
Chicken liver pate
Chicken breast with watercress sauce
Apple sorbet
Skate with brown butter and capers
Soda bread
Treacle sponge
Creme anglaise
Cheese souffle
Brill with deep fried vegetable ribbons
Tuiles Amandine
Aubergine and Prosciutto Gougeres.

I'm amazed we've done so much in such a short space of time and I'm yet to have a kitchen nightmare which is reassuring!


We Are Not Martha said...

Jealous! I would LOVE to go to culinary school. Have to pay off my other grad school loans first...

claire said...

Hey hows the course going? I should hopefully still be doing it next January. Any tips you can give me about joining the 2nd semester? x x
Claire (Schnitzel)

Pete said...

Yep, pay them loans off first as it is a pricey business!

Claire, the course is going well. I'm really glad i didn't do the first semester as it would have been a bit boring. If you are competent at basic cookery, you really shouldn't need to do it.